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.....an Introduction


For those who might be new to the concept of Central Vacuums or Built-In Vacuum systems, they are sometimes considered a new innovation, but in fact have been around since the 1950's.  Most of the major early innovation and manufacturing was developed in North America and Canada, with European and Asian markets, developing in latter years.


Unlike traditional portable vacuums which are carried from room to room, exhausting and recirculating the same dust and stale air, central vacuums are an integral system, which are built-in to a property.  Because the power unit is in a fixed position, it is generally larger in size, with a much better motor capacity, delivering far more power and cleaning performance, when compared to portable vacuums.


The system basically consists of a Power Unit which is located away from your living area, which is then linked by concealed pipework to a small number of conveniently placed Inlet

Valves throughout a property.


The system is automatically activated by inserting a lightweight cleaning hose into one of the inlet valves and vacuuming of carpets, hard floors and furnishings etc, are cleaned in a faster, healthier and more efficient way!


The inclusion of a central vacuum system within any sized property, offers numerous benefits and in particular, greatly improves the indoor air quality, which in turn is a major help to Asthma and Allergy sufferers, which is a common ailment with people living in today’s highly insulated modern properties.  Cleaner indoor air is achieved, because all of the vacuumed dust and debris is deposited within the power unit, which is located away from habitable rooms, in a garage, utility room, basement or cupboard.


Other benefits of the system, include a much quieter, faster and more efficient cleaning experience with a wide selection of tools and accessories to make cleaning much easier.


If you are building or renovating a property, then consider the benefits of including a central vacuum system as a cost effective, healthier and more efficient solution for your cleaning requirements.


Central Vacuums .....The Benefits!



The inclusion of a Central Vacuum Cleaning system within any property offers many benefits and improvements when compared to using portable type vacuum cleaners.

In terms of the vacuum performance when comparing systems, a Central Vacuum can deliver between three to five times the power of a portable vacuum, because the motors are much larger and as such deliver far more air watts and end of hose suction.

Unlike portable vacuums which have to be carried from room to room, a Central Vacuum has a permanently fixed power unit, housing the larger motor and significantly larger dirt receptacle, which is only emptied on a small number of times throughout the year.



Because all of the vacuumed dust and debris is removed from your living areas and deposited into the power unit, there is no recirculation of the fine dust spores that are always evident when using portable vacuum cleaners.  This is a major benefit to both children and adults alike, in removing the harmful irritants that are responsible for causing allergies and asthma conditions.

Dust mites, pet dander, mould, and pollen are the leading cause of indoor allergies, so keeping your carpets, floors, curtains and upholstery clean within your home with a Central Vacuum system, will help you get rid you of these allergens and greatly improve your indoor air quality.



Using your Central Vacuum system couldn’t be easier, the lightweight hose and array of cleaning attachments, makes cleaning far more versatile and faster too!  This comparison with a portable vacuum is easy, because you don’t have to carry and drag a conventional vacuum around the home, which can be heavy and cumbersome.



Many of the innovative cleaning tools and attachments associated with Central Vacuum systems, have been developed over many years and offer cleaning performances that are unrivalled by portable vacuum tools.  In particular, the carpet turbo brushes available with a Central Vacuum system have a rotating agitator brush that requires greater vacuum power to operate and delivers deep down carpet cleaning.


Cost Effective

When you consider that your home’s carpets, floors and furnishings represent quite an investment, care and maintenance of these items is essential in protecting your investment and the inclusion of a Central Vacuum offers a cost effective solution, whilst adding saleable value to any size property.

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