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Welcome to CH Electrical Services, Electrician Liverpool
Welcome to CH Electrical Services,Electrician Liverpool

Home Automation

Home Automation isn't a new concept, but its rising popularity and inclusion in both domestic and commercial properties, has certainly changed our perception of how we integrate our systems for greater comfort, security and energy conservation.


CH Electrical Services specialise in automated systems and TELETASK's home and commercial solutions offer a simple to use control system, for lighting, dimming, motorised curtains & blinds, door access, audio & video distribution, home theatre, CCTV, temperature control and more!  There's no need to walk through your entire home or place of work, turning the lights, heating and security systems on and off, just simply manipulate all of these functions, with a stunningly designed wall panel at the click of a single button!


Imagine being able to integrate all of your home or office multi-functions, with an easy to programme and use, integrated control module, with some of the most eye catching electrical sockets, switches and integrated speakers available, in a range of contemporary styles and finishes.


Whether you're at home, work or on the move, the TELETASK system can be operated and manipulated with a PC, tablet or mobile phone, so you can check on the security of your property. Turn on the central heating, close the curtains, switch or dim the lights, all with one simple to use TELETASK system.


TELETASK brings the reassurance of a system based on nearly thirty years of experience, distributed worldwide in more than forty countries with tens of thousands of TELETASK customers benefitting from an integrated solution and a better quality of life!

CH Electrical Services

CH Electrical Services




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